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An ex Air Force Officer who took premature retirement and has held senior appointments in the civil field like Executive Director and Vice President. A Post Graduate in Physics, Law and Management (MBA), MG is cpable of writing on any subject.Extremely fond of writing and has published over 50 short storys and over 6000 articles on the net. more...

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Air pollution affects the Air Quality Index.The only method to lower the AQI is to use the latest technology. One of the biggest sources of air pollution is car engines. Scientists have now created far more efficient car engines than in the past. Modern engines produce fewer pollutants and also consume less fuel like gasoline.
Published by Madan G Singh 45 months ago in Weather & Meteorology | +1 votes | 1 comments
Toggling, means to switch from one setting to another. This is done by a toggle switch. A toggle switch will have two positions. Toggling has a special meaning for computers. A look at the computer keyboard will show that the Caps Lock Key has the function of a toggle switch. If Caps Lock is pressed on then pressing it again will turn it off. In case the Caps Lock is already off, then pressing it turns it on.
Published by Madan G Singh 45 months ago in Computer Programming & Languages | +2 votes | 0 comments
The Negro always had to struggle harder than his white counterpart to succeed. Thus when an Afro-American makes it to the top echelons of any field he deserves greater accolades.One man who has risen from poverty to a respected position in education is Norman Francis. He was born in Lafayette, Louisiana in 1931 and grew up like the majority of Afro Americans as a poor and underprivileged child
Published by Madan G Singh 45 months ago in Biographies & Figures | +1 votes | 0 comments
Despite having a low credit rating there is still a good chance that a lender will lend you money to buy a car. A bad credit rating is something that afflicts millions of Americans. Hence it’s something one has to learn to live with. The good part is that despite bad credit there are people who will lend you money.
Published by Madan G Singh 45 months ago in Loans & Credit | +1 votes | 0 comments
Bad credit means people who lend you money feel there could be a financial risk in giving a loan and the lenders may not recover their investment. This is something that can last a long time in one’s life. However, many people in the financial market will disburse a personal loan despite bad credit. The important lenders who will give you a personal loan despite your bad credit can be evaluated. These lenders can help in paying overdue bills, settling a debt or getting repairs done to your...
Published by Madan G Singh 45 months ago in Loans & Credit | +1 votes | 0 comments
An American citizen can file for bankruptcy only in the designated court which has jurisdiction at the place of his residence.Each Bankruptcy court will have its own office and a clerk for deposition of fees and levies. Bankruptcy courts have done great service to the nation and have stabilized the state of bankruptcies and finance in the USA. there are 94 bankruptcy courts in the USA
Published by Madan G Singh 45 months ago in Statutory Law | +1 votes | 0 comments
After bankruptcy credit is always difficult. Despite this daunting effect it’s not the end of the world as far as getting credit is concerned. The fact remains that almost anyone can get credit soon after a bankruptcy.Bankruptcy does deal a crushing blow to your credit and your credit score. But the effects don't have to be lasting. Long before the bankruptcy drops off your credit report, you can qualify for loans with good rates and terms.
Published by Madan G Singh 45 months ago in Mortgages & Loans | +1 votes | 0 comments
Aquarium is a large tank filled with water in which fish are kept as a hobby. The size of the fish tank will depend on the type of fish that are going to inhabit it. Along with water a natural environment for the fish has to be created. This is essential for the fish to survive and if possible breed. The aim is to try and duplicate the exact environment in which the fish feels at home.
Published by Madan G Singh 45 months ago in Hobbies | +1 votes | 0 comments
Sweatshop means conditions of work which are unacceptably difficult or dangerous. Sweatshop workers are made to work for long hours, often with very poor pay packets. Most of the time all statutory laws regarding overtime pay or minimum wages are studiously ignored. Child labor laws are also violated with impunity. Most companies cover their tracks as well as have political clout and escape prosecution
Published by Madan G Singh 45 months ago in Employment Law | +2 votes | 0 comments
The main aim of Network Performance Management is to reduce the time it takes to perform routine management and maintenance tasks. This reduction in time is carried out by automating most tasks to eliminate human error. Network Performance Management is basically a function that helps network teams of large enterprises to get better end results by elimination of human error as well as perform tasks in a shorter duration of time.
Published by Madan G Singh 45 months ago in Internet | +1 votes | 0 comments
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